Car Chat

I am amazed at what the brain of the person with dementia does and does not recall. I visit my mother almost daily, yet she will tell my sister on the phone she hasn’t seen me for days. But if I go out of town, she REMEMBERS and makes her resentment known to all!

Yesterday, I arrived for my daily visit and I saw one of the assisted living staffers, Rhonda, in the hallway outside Mother’s room. ” I have just been in chatting with your Mom. She seems really great today. We talked about how her husband used to have a car dealership. She told me he sold Chevrolets. I asked her if you kids always got nice cars and she said you had to work to get a car – all of you. She was very alert and chatty!”

That’s great! Thanks for taking time to talk with her,” I said. I proceeded down the hall to Mother’s room and greeted her as I walked in.

“Well, where have you been”, she asked. “I haven’t seen you for a while.”

Just since yesterday, I said to myself. “I saw Rhonda out in the hall. She said you two just had a nice chat about Daddy.”

Mom looked puzzled and answered, ” Maybe…I don’t know for sure.”

“Yep, she said you told her about his dealership and selling Chevrolets.”

” Well, I have told you before, sometimes these girls tell you things that aren’t true.” she said indignantly.

” I know Mom, but I think she really did have that chat with you, otherwise how would she have known that information?” I said sweetly.

” I know one thing, when I get better, I am buying me another car. I am sick and tired of just sitting here.” she announced with arms crossed.

“You are? What will you get? A Cadillac or maybe a Buick?” I inquired. Mother and Daddy had driven Cadillacs since Daddy retired. She has repeatedly said she misses her Cadillac more than she misses her house.

“I might just get a Buick this time. I’ve seen the new ones and they look a lot nicer than they used to.” she said.

So, there you go.


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