Dinnertime at the Assisted Living

Tonight, the meal began with a bowl of chicken noodle soup.

Ida and her husband George sit at the table next to the table my mother shares with three other table mates.  After the soup had been served, Ida carefully got up and carried her bowl of soup over to the serving counter.  She held it out to the server and said ” Here.”

The server said ” You keep it Ida.  take it back to your table. We will take the bowl when we clear all the tables.”

Ida was undeterred and again shoved the bowl at the server. “Here.”

By this time another staff person had arrived at the serving counter. ” Ida, honey, just sit down. We will take the bowl when everyone is finished.”

Ida then asked, ” What is this?”

 The server answered, ” it’s chicken noodle soup, Ida.  If you don’t want to eat it just set it aside. We will take it when we clean off the tables.”.  At this point, I must admit I was wondering, “why don’t you just take the stupid bowl of soup from Ida?”  

Ida carefully turned and walked back to her table. Instead of sitting down, however, she walked over to the window between my mother’s table and the table Ida shared with George. It was a large window that looked out over the honeysuckle covered hillside, and a bird feeder. Ida leaned over to peer out the window, and then quickly flung the bowl of chicken noodle soup out the window. But the window was closed.

Ida turned and sat down at her table, carefully placing the empty bowl to the side.



1 thought on “Dinnertime at the Assisted Living

  1. Peter Gooley

    I couldn’t agree more.. JUST TAKE THE BOWL! Now they have to get the SLIPPERY WHEN WET signs out, clean it up themselves or get a cleaner to deal with it, be distracted from the residents while they deal with the mess, no doubt have words with Ida and how inappropriate her actions were, potentially create an emotional environment where Ida will feel anxious and shift into Red and potentially have not only a bad day, but could go on for days… all because they couldn’t have just taken the bowl and said ‘Thank you Ida.’ Yep.. common sense.. not all that common..


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