A Senior Moment? Who Me?


I was traveling this week.  I planned the outfit I would wear on the plane. Casual, summery, comfortable. I had a new haircut. I looked quite cute. 

I have noticed recently, when I walk a distance, I feel a little pain in my right hip. As I was walking through the airport, feeling good, looking good, confident and at ease, I noticed the little pain. Damn, I thought. I keep noticing all these little pains, occasional joint stiffness. In fact, sometimes I have one knee that gives me a little twinge.  And then I had the thought.

In some circles, by some standards, I am a senior citizen.  I have been receiving mail from AARP since a few birthdays ago. I ignore them.  I am not THAT old.

But I am.  My daughter is 34.  I ain’t no kid anymore.  When did that HAPPEN?? 

I am now the oldest person in my workplace.  I am the “martiarch.”.  I just hired a woman that I was sure was older than me…oh no, turns out she is at least 3 years younger than me!!

The good news is, I have good genes. I don’t LOOK my age, and other than the little twinges and pains, I don’t feel my age.  And I certainly don’t “think” my age.  But when does one? I mean, when does one begin to “think old”? 

I noticed many years ago, that suddenly my mother thought her bowel movements were a common topic of conversation. I never talk about my bowel movements, none of my friends do either. So I wondered, when is it that we do begin to talk about our bowel movements.  When do we move from being just “us”, to being “old us”?

In the past five years, I have become my best self – internally at least. I am smart, quick thinking, have accumulated good experience and wisdom. I am FUNNY, and clever and I like myself a lot. Why is it that when we reach THAT point in our lives, it is the same point when the creaking and twinges and little pains start? Not to mention the gray hair that more stubbornly resists more and more each time I color it. 

Inside my mind, I am still just me.  But when will that change? When will the switch flip?  But I can’t ponder this anymore. I need to go have a bowel movement.


1 thought on “A Senior Moment? Who Me?

  1. Barb

    I understand the creaks and twinges but I just refuse to give jn to them. But the kids are getting older and they remind me how old they are. And I think ” now when did they get so old”. Haha


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